Corporation Overview

Inner Mongolia Saikexing Reproductive Biotechnology (Group)Co., Ltd established in 2006, is a modern professional company based on upper reaches of dairy industrial catenary  , provide best product and service of dairy breeding、dairy farming and forage grass planting. Saikexing Group Co., Ltd. devoted to ensure the security and improvement of Chinese domestic animal breeding, effectively combining scientific management, enhancement of R&D innovation ability,high-efficiency production and market development, in order to provide high added value service and products to Chinese dairy industry and domestic animal breeding, and promote the whole industry chain development of modern husbandry.

Include Saikexing research institute, Qin Huangdao Quannong Bull Breeding Co., Ltd, Saikexing - ST Reproductive Technologies, LLC, Inner Mongolia Best Holsteins Co.,Ltd and Beifanglianniu husbandry Co., Ltd, there are 17 wholly-owned/holding companies. On 12 November 2015, Saikexing Group Co., Ltd. listed on the "new three board", and the stock code is 834179.